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Georg Baselitz | the artist

The artist Georg Baselitz
Pseudonym: Hans-Georg Kern
Born 1938, Deutschbaselitz, Germany.
Lives and works in Derneburg and Imperia., .
Style and technique of the artist: Praemium Imperiale Award, Painting, Sculpture Objects, Neo-Expressionism, Der Kaiserring,

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Georg Baselitz stands as one of the major figures in the history of German art of the post–war era. Notable for having persistently flown in the face of whatever artistic convention predominated at the time—initially, Social Realism, later Abstraction and Informal Art—Baselitz has been able to claim a place for the last forty years as one of the most markedly original artists on the scene.

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Georg Baselitz wurde am 23. Januar 1938 als Hans-Georg Kern in dem Dorf Deutschbaselitz in Sachsen geboren. Der Vater Johannes Kern, verheiratet mit Lieselotte, geb, Block war Lehrer, die Familie wohnte im Schulhaus. 1949 Umzug in die nahe gelegene Kreisstadt Kamenz…

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In 1979 Baselitz began work on his first monumental sculptures in wood, for which he employed an elemental and deliberately unpolished technique that gave his figures and heads an archetypal forcefulness. Having worked for many years against the mainstream of contemporary art, by the 1980s he had established an international reputation through his influence on the young German Neo-Expressionist painters referred to in Germany as the ‘Neue Wilden’…

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The dark of night laps at the edges of The Gleaner, a fire burns on the upper left, and a sunlike shape hovers beneath the lone figure. Yet Georg Baselitz’s monumental, somber work was painted during a decade of well-being in Germany, when the generation of the wirtschaftswunder—the economic miracle—was only interrupted in its relentless quest for stable prosperity by the occasional political scandal or terrorist attack. How does this image, so clearly a representation of an existentialist condition, address the complex issues facing postwar German art and society?…

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Georg Kern was born in East Germany and he makes use of a pseudonym, Baselitz, taken from the town of Deutschbaselitz, where he was born in 1938. With his fierce colors and rough brushstroke, Baselitz can be considered the most expressive artist of the group German artist known as ‘die Neuen Wilden’.In 1957 he moved to West Berlin. In order to concentrate better on the painterly aspects than on the depiction, Baselitz has been painting his motifs upside down since 1969…

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