George Segal

George Segal | the artist

The artist George Segal
Born Nov 24 1924, New York, USA.
Died June 9 2000, New Jersey, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Praemium Imperiale Award, Sculpture Objects, Pop Art,

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george segal
Segal Foundation

george segal
Sunbathers on Rooftop' and other works

george segal
eorge Segal, one of America's most important postwar sculptors, is best known for the anonymous white cast-plaster figures he often placed in real environments. Gaining recognition in the Pop Art era of the 1960s, he frequently tied his subjects to popular culture and contemporary events. This exceptional late drawing, however, reveals another, more personal side of the artist's talents and is part of a series of larger-than-life, black-and-white heads of family and friends that he began in the 1990s…

george segal
The Curtain' and 'The Restaurant'

george segal
The Gas Station' and 'Slaughtered Veal No. 8'

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