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The artist Gerhard Ruehm
Pseudonym: (Rühm)
Born 1930, Vienna, Austria.
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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visual poetry
"Wiener Gruppe" (Achleitner, Artmann, Bayer, Rühm, and Wiener)

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gerhard rühm
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gerhard rühm
weit weg und ganz nah

gerhard rühm
Gerhard Rühm was born in Vienna in 1930. He now lives at Cologne and teaches at the Hamburg Superior School of Art.
<br />In these pieces, Rühm imitates a lecturer who, while speaking, is continually interrupted by the censor; the public applauds with enthusiasm as if it was not aware of the manipulation. The six texts we present are lightning-fast phonic gags, with the exception of the last, "The Bird Paradise", and covers a wide range of the author's activities…

gerhard rühm

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