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The artist Gianni Motti
Born 1958, , Italy.
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gianni motti
Interverntion<br />Gianni Motti slipped into the sports news, politics and the arts with the aim of multiplying and spreading himself throughout the media with the precise intention of finding himself – as he himself says – “in the wrong place at the right time”, as if he were a sort of public opinion virus. From this point of view, the work of Gianni Motti is a sort of absolute “performance activism”, a transversal, omnipresent and ever-changing activism.

gianni motti
Die Arbeit "Tranquility Base" des in Genf lebenden Künstlers Gianni Motti stellt eine massstabsgetreue Replik der amerikanischen Fahne auf dem Mond dar. Sie ist zugleich Ready-Made und Symbol für amerikanischen Territorialanspruch…

gianni motti

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