Gilad Ratman

Gilad Ratman | the artist

The artist Gilad Ratman
Born 1975, Haifa, Israel.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Video, Installation art,

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Gilad Ratman
Gilad Ratman works primarily in video. Gilad has developed a highly idiosyncratic video language, one that is structured around a poetic logic rather than a rational one, and replete with surprising enigmatic wonders, while somehow evoking the feeling of cinema rather than video art. Sergio Edelsztein, Director of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, describes Gilad as one of the most talented and brilliant artists he has worked with…

Gilad Ratman
Ratman creates and scrutinizes imaginary moving-images hybrids of nature and culture; the untouched and the artificial merged into one familiar yet alien entity. By violating the correlation between cause and effect, his videos undermine the viewer's trust in the cinematic apparatus.

Gilad Ratman
My videos and installations aim to deal with untenable aspects of human behavior by exploring the appearance of pain, struggle and the wild. Pushing narrative to it borders and allowing for a fractured chain of events to take place, functions as a vehicle for me to explore the friction between the real and the imaginary…

Gilad Ratman
Creating friction between the real and the imaginary, the videos allow the viewer to project and generate narrative. Violating the correlation between cause and effect, my videos undermine trust in the cinematic apparatus and open a space in which the poetic and the pathetic coexist…

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