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The artist Gints Gabrans
Born 1970, Valmiera, Latvia.
Lives and works in Riga, Latvia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Performance Art, Venice Biennale,

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Gints Gabrans
I like such a projects, where the art an the reality mix, If other artists use their own bodies, I prefer involve others in my actions, I only provoke situations continued further themselves.

Gints Gabrans
Effect – that’s the engine behind most of Gints Gabrans’s artistic motions. In a way, this is where my writer’s unease starts, as Gints repeatedly has asked writers not to refer to art in writing about his work: so art is supposed to be the least important detail to talk about, like the frame around the painting. Still it is this unsteady borderline between the artificial (‘art’) construction and reality that he keeps exposing…

Gints Gabrans
Passing Through the Walls

Gints Gabrans
The title “Apparent – Invisible” can also be interpreted literally. The seeing or sensation of light is caused by electromagnetic waves – a physical phenomenon similar to infrared radiation, radio waves, cosmic rays, etc., that remain invisible to our eyes. We can can perceive only a very narrow range in the general flow of energy – an illusion our visual culture is based on, an artificially modified island of perception in the blind ocean of energy…

Gints Gabrans
Imploding Priest’

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