Giovanni Bruzzi

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The artist Giovanni Bruzzi
Pseudonym: Il Professore
Born May 23 1936, Firenze, Italy.
Lives and works in Firenze, Italy, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Giovanni Bruzzi, the great grandson of the 19th-century
Italian landscape master Stefano Bruzzi, began painting at the age of
nine. He studied under Rodolfo Margheri at the Academy of Fine Arts in
Florence and had his first personal exhibition at Ottone Rosai’s
Galleria L’Indiano there. He worked in Paris during the 1960s, where
Marc Vaux organized an important exhibition of his work at the Galerie
du Foyer des Artistes in Montparnasse.

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Giovanni Bruzzi
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Giovanni Bruzzi
Giovanni Bruzzi and cinema. Technical consultant for the
poker of cult movie "Regalo di Natale" (Christmas present) and "La
rivincita di Natale" (Christmas rematch) both directed by Pupi Avati.

Giovanni Bruzzi
Great grandson of Stefano Bruzzi (1835-1911), animalist
and landscape Italian master.

Giovanni Bruzzi
Giovanni Bruzzi and jazz-musicians. In 1961 he painted a
portrait of legendary jazz drummer Kenny Clarke at the Blue Note.

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