Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett | the artist

The artist Gordon Bennett
Born Oct 9 1955, Monto, Queensland, Australia.
Lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sydney Biennale,

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Gordon Bennett
Gordon Bennett has developed a reputation since the late 1980s for producing thought-provoking works…

Gordon Bennett
Gordon Bennett came to art as a mature adult, graduating in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, in 1988. He quickly established himself as an artist equipped both intellectually and aesthetically to address issues relating to the role of language and systems of thought in forging identity…

Gordon Bennett
Bennett’s idiosyncratic art is founded on his critical enquiry into the power and effects of language to structure ideologies, and social and cultural systems. His work has been guided by a postmodernist aesthetic that has enabled him to deconstruct and represent the histories and politics that determine identities and the national and international social landscapes in which, through his work, he seeks to locate a place for himself…

Gordon Bennett
Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1988, Bennett has been curated into important biennials and touring exhibitions and the recipient of major awards. The artist has also held numerous individual exhibitions, and has work in the collections of major State institutions, and national corporations…

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