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Graham Nicholls | the artist

The artist Graham Nicholls
Born 1975, London, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Photography, Digital Art,

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Graham Nicholls examines the boundaries of our intimate beliefs. His works are never passive, but engage the ‘viewer’ to explore through the work the territory of the self and its outer boundaries. Nicholls’ works take the form of immersive installations, which utilise modern media such as video, virtual reality, computer systems and architectural structures. Many of the works draw upon his knowledge and experience of hypnosis, deepening the potential experience for the viewers. As you explore the work further you find that there is a powerful underlying basis for these ‘hypnotic’ installations, and that they are about not just the individual mind but also the social implications of the city or the outer world.

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The main site showcasing work by Graham Nicholls.<br /><br />Graham Nicholls is an installation and video artist best known for his deeply psychological works which are designed to immerse the viewer in an intimate and challenging environment…

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