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The artist Gregor Schneider
Born 1969, Rheydt, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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gregor schneider
Gregor Schneider began working on Haus ur in 1985 at the age of sixteen. The rooms on view here are part of his ever-changing construction and reproduction of the interior of his house in Rheydt, Germany…

gregor schneider
The hero of this other world, Gregor Schneider goes to absolutely remarkable lengths to reconstruct one and the same room, stone by stone – we're talking about a weight of 3 tons here – on another site.

gregor schneider
Hannelore Reuen (Alte Hausschlampe)

gregor schneider
Best known for his architectural manipulations, Gregor Schneider subverts reality to expose an unease with the ordinary.

gregor schneider
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