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The artist Guillaume Bijl
Born March 19 1949, Antwerp, Belgium.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Conceptual Art, skulptur projekte munster, Ready Made Art,

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Guillaume Bijl creates installations focusing on the subjects of sexuality, TV, traffic, fashion and various aspects of public and private everyday life.

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guillaume bijl
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guillaume bijl
best known for his ‘Compositions Trouvées’, an allusion to Duchamp, and his large-scale installations, including hairdressing salons, billiard halls, driving schools and supermarkets…

guillaume bijl
The work of the Belgian artist Guillaume Bijl is located along this same highway. Bijl delights in objects, their oddities and animisms, their hauntings and quirks, their strange correspondences. His new show at Berlin’s Centre for Opinions in Music and Art (COMA), consisting of three installations – one in the window and one in the back, with a series of assemblages placed between – takes its leave from the mysteries of indexes, classifications and assemblages, and their connections to ready-mades…

guillaume bijl

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My work, with his perfect realistic display effect, made some viewers angry, especially some situational Installations in public spaces like “Nudism Forbidden” or “Camping Forbidden”, there was some vandalism involved. Also in some Transformation-Installations like Casino-Installation; police came. With the Lamp Shop-Installation in Art Basel 1984, the board wanted to throw out my Installation. Of course provocation and irritation is one of my main expression (although sometimes in a very minimal and subtle way). I want my work to show the paradoxes of this crazy capitalistic society, and to disturb people from time to time.

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