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The artist Gunta Stolzl
Born March 5 1897, Munich, Germany.
Died April 22 1983, Zurich, Switzerland.
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Bauhaus,

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gunta stolzl

gunta stolzl
The Bauhaus Weaving Workshop has only lately been given its due acclaim. It is true that it was represented in all the major Bauhaus shows – as far back as 1938, the year the exhibition Bauhaus 1919-1928 was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York . Not until 1976, and again in 1987 did the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin organize exhibitions, devoted foremost to the work of the textile artist Gunta Stölzl, while comprising an overview of other Bauhaus weavers, students and their work…

gunta stolzl

gunta stolzl
1919: Begins her studies at the Bauhaus Weimar. Attends Johannes Itten’s classes and in 1921 the first class given by Paul Klee. 1922: attends course in dyeing techniques in Krefeld and establishes dyeing facilities at the Bauhaus. Her abstract works on paper show the influence of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. They anticipate the boldly colourful abstract wall hangings and blankets produced from 1923 onwards. 1923: passes journeyman’s examination as a weaver. 1924: assists Johannes Itten to establish the “Ontos Weaving Workshops” near Zurich. Attends weave and fiber technology courses in Krefeld…

gunta stolzl
Schlitzgobelin Rot-Grün

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