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Haig Aivazian | the artist

The artist Haig Aivazian
Born 1980, El Metn, Lebanon.
Lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Died United Arab Emirates, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sharjah Biennale, Site specific art,

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Haig Aivazian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1980 and now lives and works in Dubai, UAE. He graduated in Design Art and Studio Art from Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, and received a Canadian Center for Architecture award in the 2003 Charette competition. He has exhibited prolifically in Montreal and elsewhere, including the US, and his explorations into the conceptual potential of furniture landed him in the 2004 St-Etienne Design Biennial in France.

In 2005, Aivazian returned to Dubai, his home since the early 1990s, and his subsequent work has explored the complexities that arise between the migration of bodies and that of consumer goods. He often works with installation and very simple acts of interaction. His most recent work was a commissioned site-specific public installation in ‘Flashback / Forward’, at the Business Bay Sales Center in Dubai. Aivazian also has a longstanding curatorial association with Dubai’s The Third Line Gallery and has published numerous articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines including Bidoun and adbusters.

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Haig Aivazian
As a curator: “I feel like this show perhaps requires a bit more attention and patience than what the general art public in Dubai might be used to,” admits Aivazian in the run-up to the opening. “But I also think it’s the kind of show that would reward that patience, it’s not hermetic work.”

Haig Aivazian

Haig Aivazian
I don’t remember when my father had left us in Lebanon to go work in the Gulf. Crossing from East to West Beirut every day to go to work had become too dangerous and, like many other young men in those days, my father left his beloved behind to fulfill his role as the family’s provider in what was often referred to as “the desert”…

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