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The artist Hamra Abbas
Born 1976, , Kuwait.
Lives and works in Berlin and Lahore, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Istanbul Biennial, Sharjah Biennale,

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The Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2011

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Hamra Abbas
There are many lessons, which can be learnt from ?Lessons of Love? by Hamra Abbas. First and foremost that in each amorous relationship, no matter how smooth, content and pleasurable it is, there lays a dormant element of danger: of breakup, destruction and violence. Hamra probes that possibility in her large scale works, created from the Indian miniature paintings on the theme of love. Abbas accentuates lances, swords and other weapons in the traditional imagery that consists of two figures in the act of love making…

Hamra Abbas
This dispatch is the audio file extracted from the video Why do fake hands not clap (2010). The video consists of a dozen sets of the artist’s hands (plaster casts) in clap- ping motion, and disintegrating as a result. The clapping produces an eerie sound- track to represent the destructive impulses cloaked in our collective approval. The sound is not one of applause, and yet it is created by the very act of applause. So it is this disconnect that produces the anxiety, and plunges the viewer into a land- scape of broken shards falling all around.

Hamra Abbas
In her artistic work Hamra Abbas always discusses issues of cultural property and stereotypes. With scepticism and humour the artist analyses leftovers of colonial authority. Works just as "Please do not Step" (2004), "Lessons on Love" (2004) und "MoMA is the Star" (2004) testify by confronting past and presence, international and local to her reckless aplomb…

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