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The artist Hans Namuth
Born 1917, Essen, Germany.
Died 1990, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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hans namuth
Interview with the artist

hans namuth
On Saturday, July 1, 1950, Hans Namuth, who had rented a house for the summer in Water Mill, Long Island,attended an opening in East Hampton at Guild Hall, a small community arts center. Jackson Pollock was among those featured in the group show devoted to the work of artists living in the region, and he was present at the reception…

hans namuth
The relationship between Namuth and Pollock lasted from June to November 1950, and produced an extraordinary body of work, some of the most extraordinary appearing in BrodovitchÂ’s short-lived publication Portfolio.

hans namuth
Hans Namuth was arrested early in his career for distributing anti-Hitler leaflets, in 1933. When released he went to Paris and met Robert Capa and Georg Reisner. He covered the Spanish Civil War with Capa for two years, and escaped from war torn Europe to New York in 1940…

hans namuth
Portrait of Jasper Johns

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