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The artist Hassan Hajjaj
Born 1961, Larache, Morocco.
Lives and works in , London, England and Marrakech, Morocco.
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Printmakers, Photography,

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Jameel Prize 2011

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Hassan Hajjaj
Hajjaj discovered that nobody had documented the street level graphic art of his native land. It set him off on a mission to elevate and educate people to the funky visual art of the souk with a twist. Having arrived in London from Larache in Morocco in his teens, he grew up amid the emerging club culture of London, UK, absorbing the music and styles of the reggae, hip hop and world music. Hajjaj's visual sensibilities led him to enter the world of art and fashion…

Hassan Hajjaj
He highlights the power of image and branding, but also shows how this power can be subverted.

Hassan Hajjaj
Artist´s website

Hassan Hajjaj
Hajjaj is best known for designing the 'Andy Wahloo' bar-restaurant in Paris. 'Andy Wahloo' acknowledges one of his favourite artists, Andy Warhol, but also at the same time refers to a Parisian slang term meaning 'I have nothing', adopted by Hajjaj as a way of describing his work.

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