Hatice Guleryuz

Hatice Guleryuz | the artist

The artist Hatice Guleryuz
Pseudonym: Hatice Güleryüz
Born 1968, Denizili, Turkey.
Lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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Hatice Güleryüz
Artist and work

Hatice Güleryüz
In my work I tend to adopt a very photographic approach to moving images. This allows me to imbue my work with a more intimate atmosphere that is closely related to photography, and to snapshots in particular…’

Hatice Güleryüz
My main interest revolves around the concept of memory and how it relates to the moving image in film. The medium of 8mm-film is intriguing because of its relation to home movies, its fragile structure and almost nostalgic colours and the light shaking of the film as it travels through the camera.

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