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The artist He Chengyao
Born 1964, Sichuan, China.
Lives and works in Beijing, .
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Video,

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Chengyao He
Feminism is a remote topic in my country where I live. China is always a male-dominated world, although the Chinese Communist Party had tried to abolish the old male-dominated system so that every one had a right to obtain an occupation. We had already shortened the discrimination between male and female and established the "equal rights" constitution between female/male. But in fact, the Equality is not based on the rights from individual liberation and fair opportunity. There is still existing sexual unfairness, discrimination in social status as well as between female and male. Most people still conform to the traditional sexual division of labor. Individual value and rights of female are still ignored…

Chengyao He
The Kiss: Performance art by Chengyao He. Thessaloniki 2009, 2nd Biennale, Performance Festival.

Chengyao He
99 Needles

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