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The artist Hedda Sterne
Born Aug 4 1910, , Rumania.
Died April 8 2011, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Abstract Expressionism, Painting,

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Hedda Sterne
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Hedda Sterne
Part 1. My interest in Hedda began when I was writing my long series of posts on Rothko back in March and April 2009. I came across the famous Life Magazine photo of "The Irascibles" and became curious about the only woman in the picture. That photo has haunted Hedda throughout her life and become her most enduring public image. Through my posts, I tried to publicize other images of Hedda that portrayed her as the serious and independent-minded artist she was…

Hedda Sterne
Part 2. Two notable results of Hedda's interest in machines and motion were, first, an exhibition at Betty Parsons' gallery in 1954 where tondo (round) paintings were mounted on central axes and viewers were invited to rotate the canvases as they wished…

Hedda Sterne interview
Her brilliant mind is ruled by a passion for precision. Discipline characterizes her approach to the painter’s life. Sitting in her “American Kitchen” (one of her paintings), I slipped into a gentle trance, such is the hypnotic power of Hedda Sterne and the other side…

Hedda Sterne
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