Heinz Trokes

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The artist Heinz Trokes
Pseudonym: Heinz Trökes
Born Aug 15 1913, Hamborn, Germany.
Died Apr 22 1997, Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Expressionism, Documenta Kassel,

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Heinz Trökes
In the 1950s, Trökes was ranked together with Willi Baumeister, Ernst Wilhelm Nay and Fritz Winter, as one of the major exponents of abstract art in Germany. Important art historians of his time, such as Will Grohmann and Werner Haftmann, paid tribute to Heinz Trökes as one of the most promising and interesting artists of his generation…

Heinz Trökes
Jedes Bild hat sein eigenes Abenteuer, sein unvergleichliches Risiko. Da gibt es auch nichts zum Anknüpfen, keine Fortsetzung, Rezepte sind nicht anwendbar – ausser man sähe nur einen geraden Weg und wollte nicht seine eigenen Nebenstrassen erkunden.

Heinz Trökes

about the artist
From 1932 Heinz Trökes attends evening classes at the Krefeld School of Arts and Crafts, taking up studies there with Johannes Itten for three years in 1933. For a living he works as a decorator and draws textile designs in Augsburg…

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