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The artist Helen Chadwick
Born 1953, , England.
Died March 15 1996, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Photography,

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helen chadwick
"Feminism is to do with politics, problems of power and relationships. In Of Mutability I was concerned with issues of desire. In this image I am concerned with a more exterior, objective sphere. I think of this work as being cautionary. In the same way that the original allegory is about misrule, I wish to make an allegory for misrule. I feel it is very much a feminist issue because of the work that a lot of women are doing now. I think very much of the women at Greenham. I would like to show this central figure, this woman, as struggling with the burden and oppressive knowledge of the inevitable consequences of this society. So the figure is both a self-portrait in one sense, because it's a way of me coming to terms with my fears for the future; but at the same time, she stands in that position of conscience that many many women in our society stand."

helen chadwick
Meat abstract.

helen chadwick
"Photography is my skin. As membrane separating this from that, it fixes the point between, establishing by limit, the envelope in which I am. My skin is image, surface, medium of recognition. Existing out there, the photograph appears to duplicate the world, disclosing me within its virtual space."

helen chadwick
Chadwick was born in London and studied art at Brighton Polytechnic and Chelsea School of Art and Design, London…

helen chadwick
Nostalgie de la Boue

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