Hendrik Berlage

Hendrik Berlage | the artist

The artist Hendrik Berlage
Born 1856, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Died 1934, Den Haag, .
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Architecture, Art Nouveau,

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(Hendrik Petrus Berlage)

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H.P. Berlage is one of Holland's first modern architects. He was a student of Gotfried Semper, who not only taught him a renaissance style but, more importantly, also that the use of ornaments should not be a goal in itself. Later, the works of Viollet-le-Duc made him see that a historic style should not be copied when designing a modern building. As a result he started to look for a new style, a new way of creating unity in a building. He developed a rational style, using geometrical plans and geometrical shapes.

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