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The artist Herbert Brandl
Born 1959, Graz, Austria.
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Venice Biennale,

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herbert brandl
Even at an initial and superficial glance, a metaphorical approach to natural phenomena is evident in the work of Herbert Brandl. "While associations with Arcadian landscapes, cloud formations, etc., are allowed, these are only of secondary importance. It is the presence of the colors – together with their relationship to one another and their position alongside and on top of each another – that reveals the dramaturgy of the pictorial concept." (Werner Würtinger) Natural forms and oil paints increasingly dissolve in Herbert Brandl’s paintings without, however, ever completely disappearing…

herbert brandl

herbert brandl
In my studio in Vienna, it is the gray Viennese light that prevails, with a few particles of red in it. The colors remain more restrained. One tends to perceive the surface of an image there. In Venice, by contrast, the colors start to glow in that incredibly strong red light and thanks to the great humidity. The heyday of Venetian painting had much to do with this. And perhaps secretly I had counted on this effect…

herbert brandl
Painting, as the most central discipline in the fine arts, has often been declared dead and then revived. In the 1980’s it was drawn from the ashes like a phoenix, by producers and recipients alike, not least as a reaction to a kind of concept art that had turned rather academic. “Transavanguardia”, “Neue Wilde”, “Neue Malerei” were the terms by which the new developments in painting were described internationally. Herbert Brandl, together with painters such as Schmalix, Anzinger, Mosbacher, was placed in this category…

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