Herbert Franke

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The artist Herbert Franke
Born 1927, Vienna, Austria.
Lives and works in Egling, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art,

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Herbert Franke
Herbert Franke's activities of electronic art began in the year 1956 with the series 'Oszillogramme', and he has continued working in this field. Franke also written widely on computer art and one of his books, 'Computer Graphics – Computer Art', was the earliest comprehensive text on the subject. Franke has collaborated with colleague Horst Helbig in some artworks and essays.

Herbert Franke
Born in Vienna, Franke worked from 1973 – 1997 at the University of Munich, lecturing in computer graphics and computer art…

Herbert Franke
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Herbert Franke
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Herbert Franke

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