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The artist Hernan Bas
Born 1978, Miami, Florida, USA.
Lives and works in Miami, Florida, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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hernan bas
"this is not the hell popularized by Dante or Bosch, but rather a vision of a territory that, even if dark at times, allows for a bit of light."

hernan bas
Hernan Bas's fascination with historical painting and literature results in sensitive, dynamic works that are at once familiar and fantastic. Bas's paintings often depict beautiful, androgynous boys on the edge of adulthood in imagined scenarios referencing both classical and popular fiction. Decadent dandies, teenage waifs, languid loners and dashing adventurers are some of the characters that populate Bas's ongoing narrative…

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Hernan Bas’s paintings explore the codes of dandyism and its subculture as a means to define sexual attraction…

hernan bas
The Hunter

hernan bas
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