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The artist Hilary Lloyd
Born 1964, Yorkshire, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Venice Biennale,

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Hilary Lloyd
Constantly stared at, Lloyd has become something of an expert voyeuree. To date, her video work forms a compulsive study of striking and sexually ambiguous characters: models, transvestites, rollerbladers and dancing sisters…

Hilary Lloyd’s work evolves from the relationships she forms with strangers, whom she invites to perform before the camera. Often unedited, her videos depend on the willingness of her subjects to collaborate…

Hilary Lloyd
Lloyd works in film and video but she puts together image and sound and presents them to the viewer in ways which challenge and undermine our viewing conventions. So for example, a work which at first appears to show a still life is later revealed to be in perpetual motion…

Hilary Lloyd
Projection (scoll down)

Hilary Lloyd
Hilary Lloyd was born in 1964 in the United Kingdom and studied at Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic, England. Her solo shows include Waiters, Henry Moore Foundation Contemporary Projects and Venice Biennale, Venice, 2003. She has contributed to various group shows including Yes, No & Other Options, Art Sheffield, Sheffield, England, 2008, and the Biennale dÂ’Art Contemporain de Lyon, Lyon, France. Lloyd lives and works in London…

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