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The artist Honore d'O
Born 1961 and 1984, Oudenaarde and Gent, Belgium.
Lives and works in Gent, .
Style and technique of the artist: Relational art, Installation art, Conceptual Art, Sydney Biennale,

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In works by Honoré d’O the public is often given an active and sometimes even a creative role. The sculptures, videos, and installations by Honoré d’O show the components and possibilities for a scenario. Using fairly down-to-earth materials he creates a visual situation that can potentially bring about a small change in the way the public look and react at everyday things.

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Honoré d’O

Honoré d’O
An ephemeral TRAJECTORY of 11 elementary sculptures is spread out/over/through the museum as a levitated echo of something basic and functional as a metro line, to make the city working well…

Honoré d’O
Toon tonen of niet tonen

Honoré d’O
Honoré d’ O breaks down the borders between art and daily life with his installations. Art and life are one and the same thing. His works of art are ordinary, everyday objects and the spectator is the artist.

Honoré d’O
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