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The artist Horst Hoheisel
Born 1944, Poznan, Poland.
Lives and works in , Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Documenta Kassel, Site specific art,

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Developed often together with Andreas Knitz new shapes of monuments, which became internationally known as “negative-monuments” or “counter-memorials.

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Horst Hoheisel
Memorial Projects. What did the artist have in mind?’ – Ten years after the inauguration of the Aschrottbrunnen, people in Kassel still ask me this question. I like to throw the ball back at them, countering with a question of my own: ,What crossed people’s minds in 1939, when Nazi activists first demolished the fountain and then, by an official ordinance ot the mayor of the city, the remaining pieces were cleared away? What crossed the minds of Kassel’s citizens when, in 1941 and 1942, the deportation trains left from track 3 at the main railway station, deporting more than 3000 Jews from Kassel to Riga, Majdanek and Theresienstadt?

Horst Hoheisel interview
In my school days, the history lessons finished with World War I. Not the Weimar Republic, not the Nazis. I grew up with this silence about that time. My father, at the time of the German occupation, was a forester. At first I studied forestry science in Munich, where my father had studied in the Twenties. In ’68 I got involved in the student movement. This was the moment when we started to ask our parents about what they had done during the war. This was a big conflict in my family, with my father…

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