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The artist Hubert Dobler
Born Febr 6 1966, Dornbirn, Austria.
Style and technique of the artist: Kinetic Art, Painting, Photography, Sculpture Objects, Drawing, Installation art,

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Recipe*<br /><br />
– 1 World, kind of strange<br />
– A lot of motion<br />
– 1 person, or more, walking across Manhattan, or a desert somewhere, or
a field, or a country<br />
– Uncertainty, in various guises<br />
– 1 motorcycle (but not a motorbike with scary long handlebars going
straight up, approximately 8 feet in height, the kind that are all over
now. Who are they made for, giants?)<br />
– No maps<br />
– Plans, which may be discarded<br />
– Wonder<br />
– Political games, and maybe war, or rumors of<br />
– Daylight, or night<br />
– Objects as desired, including but not limited to tools, cars,
refrigerators, dildos, inner tubes, bananas, steel pipes, umbrellas,
<br />
1. Take 1 world and find a space, enclosed or open, water or air or
ground, city or forest or sand.<br />
2. Add a lot of motion to 1 person, or more, and 1 motorcycle (and
sometimes more). Mix in some uncertainty. Absurd and intentionally
defiant. Move. Move as a tourist outlaw evading the social protection of
the stationary, but leaving a trail of your travels as a signature of
survival for the next someone who will come along to witness.
Or move as a herd of machines with mechanical hearts, a temporary harem
playing a game of chance in forgotten sands of a desert. Or move with
the false precision of war, streaks of bullets or maybe wheels,
screeching as they rush, frightened, toward a target they know is
unknown.<br />
3. Give in to chance. Or appear to. Call it surrender. Or retreat. Or
victory. Find power in lack of control, or control in lack of power.
Remember, there are no maps, but there are plans, which may be
discarded.<br />
4. Blend in the wonder, and slowly add political games, maybe war, or
rumors of. Ask questions. Which one will last? What is next? Chaos?<br /><br />
To serve: Garnish as desired with tools, cars, dildos, inner tubes,
umbrellas, etc. <br /><br />
A note on preparation: When it seems it’s all going wrong, maybe it’s
going right. Play. Assemble everything and turn it upside down, or
rightside up, whichever way is the other way.<br /><br />
*Completed recipes/works have been shown at the Southeastern
Contemporary Art Gallery, Louisiana; Saltworks Gallery, Atlanta; Art
Position Gallery, Vienna; PS1, Queens; Galapagos Gallery, Brooklyn; and
Medulin, Croatia, among other places.

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