Hugo Claus

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The artist Hugo Claus
Born Apr 5 1929, Brugge, Belgium.
Died March 19 2008, Antwerp, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Writing,

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hugo claus
Claus centrum<br />His work shows no preference for any particular style, genre or art form. The best possible realisation of the aimed for effect is what matters. The way he explores and crosses certain boundaries testifies to his great artistic mastery. About painters and their work, he writes essays (Karel Appel. Painter 1962), commentary text for a documentary (Brueghel, 1969), scripts (Rubens, 1977) and most often poems (about Jeroen Bosch, Hugo van der Goes, Paul Joostens, Roger Raveel and others)…

hugo claus
Van erotische impressies van wulpse vrouwen tot zelfportretten, die laveren tussen abstractie en figuratie, en nu eens somber dan weer kleurrijk zijn…

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