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Huseyin Alptekin | the artist

The artist Huseyin Alptekin
Born 1957, Ankara, Turkey.
Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey, .
Died Dec 31 2007, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Conceptual Art, Istanbul Biennial,

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hüseyin alptekin
Kaija Kiuru was one of the artists who took part in September 2003 in B-Fact: Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, an international project initiated by the Turkish artist Hüseyin Alptekin…

hüseyin alptekin
Hüseyin Alptekin’s work is about mobility. The artist refers to the experience of the non-native pedestrian within foreign landscapes,  congested urban areas, or ports, in order to emphasize the absurdity evident in the signage of global economics…,

hüseyin alptekin

hüseyin alptekin
Alptekin’s obsession with the quadriga of horses on the façade of San Marco in Venice was the inspiration for this project. The horses were originally made in Ä°stanbul and displayed on the Hippodrome in Sultanahmet until the Crusaders stole them in 1204.

hüseyin alptekin interview
While I was wandering around Berlin with a copy of Bernard Teyssedre’s “Le roman de l’Origine” (“The Novel of the Origin”, 1997), I saw a notice in a cinema magazine that read “in vagina veritas”. The latin term “in… veritas” is used to denote things of the most sublime, for instance one would raise a glass of wine saying, “in vino veritas” (meaning “in wine lies truth,” “truth is in wine”)…

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