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The artist Ian Wallace
Born 1943, Shoreham, England.
Lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.
Style and technique of the artist: Documenta Kassel, Painting, Photography, Conceptual Art, Writing,

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The theme of the studio has appeared constantly in my work since 1969 when I began documenting my workspace in a way that related the intellectual aspects of conceptual art with direct references to the material production of the art object, a self-consciously modernist strategy which still informs my work.

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Ian Wallace
Judge a man by the company he keeps, so the saying goes. By those standards, the company Ian Wallace keeps would rank him among the most accomplished and highly regarded drummers of his time. Sought out by acclaimed artists and successful record producers, and a favorite of fellow musicians, Ian Wallace has quietly amassed one of the most impressive musical resumes of the last three decades…

Ian Wallace
My hope is that the cumulative effect of these painterly and literary references, which ricochet across the room from one canvas to another, will offer a visual “re-reading“ of the poem; and which will lead the viewer to recognize the “ecriture” of the poet as a form of drawing, a drawing that is formally expressive, as well as a drawing out of the central concept of the work as a whole, and thus pay homage to the vision of Mallarmé.

Ian Wallace
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Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace's interest in the position of the art institution as a place for reflection and production of meaning is visible in the design of this intensive collaboration, initiated by Witte de With. The broadening of the international dialogue and the (art) historical depth that the project entails illustrates and emphasizes crucial aspects of Wallace's art practice…

Ian Wallace
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My work primarily concerns the transmission of concepts by means of the “pictorial”…

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