Ib Geertsen

Ib Geertsen | the artist

The artist Ib Geertsen
Born Jan 7 1919, , Denmark.
Died June 3 2009, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Concrete Art, Hard-Edge, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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Ib Geertsen
If you talk about art that moves, about actual movement in art, you are talking about mobiles. But you cannot talk about mobiles without talking about Ib Geertsen. A significant part of Ib Geertsen's oeuvre has become synonymous with light, independently balanced sculptures of wire and the like, that float as drawings in the room where they have been hung. Geertsen calls them 'drawings in the air', because this is what they are. He first started making these three-dimensional 'drawings' around 1950. Through the next half century he has developed this unique type of drawing, which has ancestors in both painting and sculpture.

Ib Geertsen

Ib Geertsen
Ib Geertsen is practically a father figure within Denmark’s artistic household. Generations of Danish artists have grown up with his colorful formalism in museums and public spaces, and now a younger audience has rediscovered Geertsen’s sensuous cool.

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