Iba Ndiaye

Iba Ndiaye | the artist

The artist Iba Ndiaye
Born 1928, Saint Louis, Senegal.
Died Oct 5 2008, Paris, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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To paint is to remember
Iba Ndiaye regards drawing and painting as thoroughly modern artistic tools. This attachment to his "craft" means that he often disagrees with those (artists and art critics) who consider it an anachronistic form of expression. A painter of African origin, Iba Ndiaye prefers to distance himself from the fashionable trends he deems responsible for the confusion currently dominating the art world…

Iba Ndiaye
Iba Ndaiye lived and created in Paris. This might result in the claim that he has had more one man shows in Europe that any other African Artist. It would not explain his inclusion as one of the few artists in first contemporary exhibit at the Museum for African art or his inclusion in the much publicized “Short Century “ show. Formally train at the School of Paris, his work is a fusion of this rigorous study with African themes…

Iba N'Diaye
…With the goal of asserting a "black identity", the organizers of the Contemporary Art Exhibition at the first "Festival des Arts Negres" (Dakar, 1966) favored the Primitivist movement, which Iba N'Diaye had tried in vain to oppose. Once again, he realized that it was preferable for him to leave his native country…

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