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The artist Ibon Aranberri
Born 1969, Itziar (Basque-Country), Spain.
Lives and works in Bilbao, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Sculpture Objects, Sydney Biennale, Documenta Kassel,

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Ibon Aranberri
Aranberri’s most ambitious and yearning project is still to come. Visualising the fragments that will compose this new work implies an imaginary process and a commitment to an actual need for action, observation and reflection. His intuitive, accumulative, laconic and multi-faceted technique makes the viewers follow the tracks of his previous works, which become pretexts for a future personal challenge…

Ibon Aranberri
Ibon Aranberri is particularly concerned with the relationships between society, politics and nature. Of importance to him are signs and objects, in which the mechanisms of society and their power structures become clear. Fundamental approaches to Aranberri’s work are observation, background research, dialogue and documentation…

Ibon Aranberri
This is certainly not a didactic tour of the artist’s works from 1998 to the present. Although it importantly forms an encounter with the dictatorship of General Franco and the ideological underpinnings of his inaugurations of monumental reservoirs (which Aranberri had documented in aerial photographs for Política hidráulica [Hydraulic Politics], 2004–10), this is never explicit…

Ibon Aranberri
Interested in decoding the system of common accepted images, values and preconceptions set in place in society – a system that often leads to paranoia. His work is not directly political, but looks at ‘political art’ and its systems of representation. Ethnics (1998) is a table with materials and objects on it, ranging from a Basque shepherd’s milk carton to pieces of rubber – a still life that suggests the way the police display evidence of bomb-making after a raid on a terrorist cell. ..

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