Ignasi Aballi

Ignasi Aballi | the artist

The artist Ignasi Aballi
Born 1958, Barcelona, Spain.
Lives and works in Barcelona, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Venice Biennale,

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Ignasi Aballí

Ignasi Aballí
Brutally white and replete with architectural tics and redundant appendices, Richard Meier’s 1995 MACBA building made Ignasi Aballí’s works seem all the more rascally…

venice art biennial 2007
ignasi aballi has compiled dozens of lists made up of newspaper, typically involving numbers of the same subject: money, books, music, the missing, the dead. documents of all the languages spoken in the world…

Ignasi Aballí
Ignasi Aballí considers this work like the growth of a tree, where themes and categories are in close relationship to each other. With slow and meditated elaborations, the evolution of his work begins with methodological preoccupations about vision, visibility and materials that have a realistic character, in the sense that the works include elements directly from daily life…

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