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The artist Igor Makarevich
Born 1943, Trialety, Georgia, USSR.
Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Sculpture Objects, Venice Biennale, Conceptual Art,

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Igor Makarevich
Elena Elagina and Igor Makarevich have been desccribed recently as the soul of „Moscow Conceptualism“. But beyond that the two artists have developed a immense body of work. Moving from a naive artistic position – meaning a simple dialectial relation of the artist on one hand and the work / creation on the other – to a complex phenomenological position. They make the spectators point central to their work and move simultaneously as artistic subjects „inside“ the body of their creations. This means they themselves become representations inside their own symbolic field…

Igor Makarevich
Igor Makarevich has created several projects dealing with the history of Borisov, a character he invented, a modest Soviet accountant in a wood-processing industrial complex, who due to severe mental and sexual disorders dreamed of changing into a tree…

Born in 1943 in Trialety, Georgia (USSR), Igor Makarevich lives and works today in Moscow. He attended the Moscow Art School during the years 1955-1962, and the Institute of Cinematography, also in Moscow, from 1962-1968. Makarevich’s work responds to contemporary Russian life and culture, which he believes corrodes individual identity and seeks to efface nonconformist art…

Igor Makarevich
Makarevich has described life in the Soviet Union as a gradual process of annihilation, resulting from the absence of hope. “If the nonconformist artist did not comply officially, he stopped existing. He was blotted out, erased.” In Stratigraphic Structures the gradual extinction of the individual human spirit is depicted metaphorically through a series of manipulated photographic images. Makarevich often works with serial photographic portraits and plaster casts of faces, arranged in a grid formation…

Igor Makarevich
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