Illya Chichkan

Illya Chichkan | the artist

The artist Illya Chichkan
Born 1967, Kiev, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Kiev and, Berlin, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Venice Biennale, Installation art, Video, Painting, Photography,

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Representative of the art movement “Ukrainian New Wave”

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Ilya Chichkan
Born in 1967 in Kiev, Ukraine. His artistic works are particularly concerned with staged photography and film, alongside of which he places apart the theme of figure and object mutation. These surreal picture worlds are often achieved with very simple means of clothing the figures and actors or the alienation of objects.

Ilya Chichkan
Works and biography

Ilya Chichkan
As an artist participated in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and Europe. His artistic interests include stage photography and motion pictures, where he explores the mutation of depicted object.

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