Ilya Chashnik

Ilya Chashnik | the artist

The artist Ilya Chashnik
Born 1902, Iucin, Latvia.
Died 1928, Leningrad, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Suprematism,

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Unovis Group (1919-1921) Ilya Chashnik,Vera Ermolayeva,Ivan Gavris,Emma Gurovich,Anna Kagan,Lazar Khidekel,
Katarzhina Kobro,Nina Kogan,Ivan Kudriashov,Anna Leporskaya,Evgenia Magaril,Georghy Noskov,Yefim Royak,Dmitry Sannikov,Vladislav Strzheminsky,Nikolai Suetin,Tziperson,Abram Vexler,Mikhail Vexler,Lev Yudin.

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unovis group
The UNOVIS group was formed as an association of students of Kazimir Malevich at the Vitebsk Art School (1919-1921), where he has replaced Chagall as its head. In this Art School it has quickly become evident that he intended to introduce a new type of art education, in which all forms of art are developed on the basis of Suprematism and are integrated into a universal system. He received the full support of Vera Ermolaeva (who was the rector and has in fact invited him to that School) and El Lissitzky (who has also taught there), as well as that of his pupil Ilya Chashnik, who accompanied him from Moscow.

ilya chashnik
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