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The artist Ilya Kabakov
Pseudonym: (with his wife Emilia)
Born Sept 30 1933, Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine, Russia.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Soviet Nonconformism, Moscow Conceptualism, Der Kaiserring, Painting, Sculpture Objects, Writing, Conceptual Art, Venice Biennale, Oskar Kokoschka Prize,

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Ilya Kabakov
Ilya Kabakov (1933- ), an artist from Ukraine in the former Soviet Union, went to the West, before the end of the Cold War, to concentrate on creative work. His large-scale installation works called "total installation," have been highly regarded in the art circles in the West since his first one-person show was held in Bern in 1985…

Ilya Kabakov
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Ilya Kabakov
The Man Who Flew into His Picture. 1981-88

Ilya Kabakov

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