Ishmael Randall Weeks

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The artist Ishmael Randall Weeks
Born 1976, Cusco, Peru.
Lives and works in Lima, Peru and Brooklyn NY, .
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Ishmael Randall Weeks
Issues of place, transformation, escape, collapse and nomadic existence have been predominant in my recent work. The materials employed are specific to the sculptural situation, but tend to come out of both societies and my own debris. I rarely use the materials in their original form but rather prefer to transform them into semi-functional building blocks that depend on the historical and symbolic reference inherent in the material…

Ishmael Randall Weeks

Ishmael Randall Weeks
Artist's website

Ishmael Randall Weeks
Ishmael Randall Weeks’ work encompasses site-specific installations, sculpture, and works on paper. The foundation of his work is the alteration of found and recycled materials and environmental debris, often on site, and includes such source materials as empty tins, books and printed matter, bicycles, boat parts, and building construction fragments…

Ishmael Randall Weeks
Recycled tricycle cart, recycled cooking oil cans, stove, sink, natural gas tank, water tank, car battery, electrical system, bed, sound system, rubber, insulation…

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