Itamar Jobani

Itamar Jobani | the artist

The artist Itamar Jobani
Born 1980, , Israel.
Lives and works in New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Herzliya Biennial, Sculpture Objects,

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Itamar Jobani

Itamar Jobani
some work at Andrea Meislin Gallery, NY

Itamar Jobani
In the present exhibition “Tectonic Collisions,” Itamar Jobani creates a new body of work, which is composed of sculptures and video installations. Similar to his previous pieces, these present works deal with the direct and inescapable connection between man and earth…

Itamar Jobani
Blending mythologies from multiple traditions, Itamar Jobani always arrives at a conclusion uniquely his own. Adapting the technique of building topographic models to depict the human body, the very foundation of Jobani’s work speaks to the deep confluence between bodies of land and the bodies of men…

Itamar Jobani

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