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The artist Ivan Kozaric
Born 1921, Petrinja (near Zagreb), Croatia.
Lives and works in Zagreb, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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ivan kozaric
Untitled (Angel)

ivan kozaric
The February of 1998 was the warmest February since the recording of global weather conditions was started in 1856. In Croatia also spring seemed to have arrived a few months early that year, and there were even a few veritable summer days when people swam in the sea. This fact stirred up Ivan Kožaric, a hypersensitive artist and a lover of nature who devoted many of his works to the natural world.

ivan kozaric
“I have written down in my notes that art is ephemeral”, he says. “One can come close to it, but that closeness is either short-lived or dangerous. It can turn into a dead end or a physical abyss. The abyss! Just as being near death entails an end, so being close to art can mean the same. Whenever I come close to it, I leave it and cool off. Who knows, maybe it’s just an illusion or unfounded fear, but it doesn’t seem so. I have realized that life is just an illusion, so I do not grapple with art too much as a consequence. You pay your dues for grappling…”

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