Ivana Franke

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The artist Ivana Franke
Born 1973, Zagreb, Croatia.
Lives and works in Zagreb, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Site specific art,

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Ivana Franke
In our perception there are 3 dimensions, which we ascribe to a physical space. They play a fundamental role in our comprehension of the world around us. We actually do not perceive them but they form the frame, the a priori background in which we perceive events, the perspective from which we observe…

Ivana Franke
She works with temporary installations which probe the conditions of visibility/invisibility, materiality/non-materiality, presence/absence; questioning possibilities of our (visual) attention and sensibility, and awareness of the process of perception…

Ivana Franke
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Ivana Franke
Ivana Franke uses such materials as paraffin, paper, threads, and fishing line to create site-specific installations that convey a sense of the ephemeral. The transparency of the structures she builds allows the viewer to perceive their wholeness simultaneously. Her work is gentle, sensual and fragile, and evokes abstract dimensions of the human mind and the natural stillness of space…

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