Jacques Nimki

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The artist Jacques Nimki
Born 1959, Port Louis, Mauritius.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Jacques Nimki
Jacques Nimki's artistic practice involves him in collecting, drawing, and pressing plants. For previous work he has catalogued specimens that have taken hold in neglected, hidden or untrammelled areas of the urban landscape. His database of research contains information on the sites he visits, each plant's condition and abundance, and a host of supplementary data drawn from common knowledge, folklore, medical and culinary uses, astrological associations and magical properties.

Jacques Nimki
The worst thing about losing the camera was that I also lost all the pictures of my trip with artist Jacques Nimki. I had heard him over dinner the night before talking about making wine out of plants that he finds in the city. So – I said – your work is, like, about finding weeds and stuff and making things out of it?

Jacques Nimki
Jacques Nimki's practice makes use of somewhat archaic processes more appropriate to the Victorian era of exploration and collection. Reminiscent of Fox Talbot’s observations of ferns and lace samples in early photography, his working method is deliberately slow and protracted. It involves now obsolete forms of technology employed to collect and collate raw material in the form of data that specifically documents overlooked urban plant life…

Jacques Nimki
I don't think Jacques Nimki's work 'I want nature' intends to do any of these things. It is an exploration of our tortuous relationship with what we perceive to be natural, firmly positioning itself with the current crop of eco-artists concerned with the natural environment, but without the all too common sentimentality and piety. Nimki is clearly as troubled by our ideas about the natural as he is about manmade intrusions into it…

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