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The artist Jamie Isenstein
Born 1975, Portland, Oregon, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Jamie Isenstein
In her exhibitions and projects Jamie Isenstein often absorbs the personas of inanimate objects (sometimes, uncomfortably, for hours at a time), sitting—or standing or crouching—at the mercy of her art. She has transformed herself into a wingback armchair with her legs serving as the chair’s two front legs and her arms as the chair’s arms (the rest of her body hides inside the upholstered chair). In other works she uses herself as a character. For the Performa 05 Biennial she wrote and performed a radio program, Inside Out with Jamie Isenstein, that featured the artist in conversation with her skeleton and a bottle of lotion. The topic of the program: a recent book about plastic surgery’s effect on popular music, using Michael Jackson and Cher as examples. She turns the inside out and recontextualizes the familiar, making us see the world around us in a different light…

Jamie Isenstein
Isenstein is known for blurring the lines between performance and sculpture, often through her use of her own body as a ready-made object. In referencing and appropriating current strains of contemporary abstract sculpture that combine organic forms and found objects, Dancing Pop-up Fishing Sculpture, 2010,acts like a snowball that has picked up what it has rolled over: human body parts, a hobo/clown costume, bird guano, a snake in a can gag. The sculpture is “holding” a life preserver, which reads alternately “Wishing I was Fishing” and “Gone Fishing” and is thus in a perpetual state of limbo- waiting to fish, or waiting for parts of itself to return from fishing. This gives life to a normally static object as it layers and weaves formal and conceptual concerns of sculpture, performance, abstraction, and representation…

Jamie Isenstein
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Jamie Isenstein
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