Jan van der Ploeg

Jan van der Ploeg | the artist

The artist Jan van der Ploeg
Born 1959, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Mural Art – Muralism,

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Jan van der Ploeg
The work of Jan van der Ploeg has it roots in Piet MondriaanÂ’s Neo plasticism and De Stijl movement connected to Theo van Doesburg. The connection is intensified by his concentration on the act of painting, anachronistic and traditional in contemporary terminology…

Jan van der Ploeg
Jan van der Ploeg first began painting his geometric designs on the walls of buildings in his native Amsterdam. Since then, he has painted his motifs in hundreds of permutations at galleries and institutions all over the world. Using different combinations of common shapes, bold colors, and shifts in scale, his wall paintings invite viewers to experience spaces in new and dynamic ways…

Jan van der Ploeg
2007 exhibition

Jan van der Ploeg
Wall painting No. 167 (grip), 2006

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