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The artist Jane Alexander
Born 1959, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Photography, Singapore Biennale,

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jane alexander
Jane Alexander is as keenly aware of being misrepresented by others as she is of misrepresenting herself and thus, as a rule, does not engage in recorded interviews. An impersonal and austere control is Alexander’s favoured code of’ operation…

jane alexander
Jane Alexander is a sculptor whose works comment on current socio political issues in South Africa. Using direct modelling techniques and working in plaster, she produces life size figures, which gain presence from their human scale, and small figures set in multimedia installations. In her sculptures and photomontages she synthesises her perceptions of the human condition, locating her themes in her own experience. The artist offers no supporting commentary and maintains that her sculpture is primarily a visual statement. As a result, her works require close scrutiny and ask the viewer to construct meanings…

jane alexander
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jane alexander

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