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The artist Janet Cardiff
Born 1957, Brussels Ontario, Canada.
Lives and works in Berlin, and Grindrod, British Columbia, Canada, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sydney Biennale, Sound Art,

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

Works in collaboration with her partner George Bures Miller, born 1960, Berlin.

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janet cardiff
Canadian artist Janet Cardiff (b 1957) is best known for her numerous audio works and films, often created in collaboration with her partner George Bures Miller.

janet cardiff
Cardiff (b. 1957) has gained international recognition for her audio and video "Walks" in which visitors, while listening to a CD walkman or watching the screen of a camcorder, follow the artistÂ’s directions through a site, and become involved in the stories embedded in CardiffÂ’s recorded instructions and suggestions…

janet cardiff
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

janet cardiff and george bures miller
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller discuss their work with Whitechapel curator Andrea Tarsia, Head of Exhibitions and Projects, Whitechapel Art Gallery…

janet cardiff
The Dark Pool

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