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The artist Janine Antoni
Born Jan 19 1964, Freeport, Bahamas.
Lives and works in New York USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Performance Art, The Larry Aldrich Award, Prospect New Orleans,

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Janine Antoni received an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1989 and has exhibited her work widely throughout the United States, including venues such as Luhring Augustine Gallery, the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, CT., the Hirshhorn Museumand Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C., and the Whitney Museumof American Art in New York.

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janine antoni
<p>Janine Antoni is a woman on the edge; of art. She is what one might call a "bad girl" in the art world. Penny Arcade, a performance artist, has a theory about the art world: "They say they want ‘bad girls,’ but they don’t really want bad girls, because when you’re bad you tell the truth and people don’t like it when you tell the truth" (Blackwood). Antoni is definitely telling the "truth" in her works of art. Antoni is noted for her performance and installation pieces which have challenged the status quo of the art world by using "feminine" mediums, such as lard, hair dye, and chocolate, as metaphors to explore female sexuality, to challenge the trappings of femininity in society, social packaging, and to challenge our patterns of consumption and consumerism…

janine antoni
Biography and works

Janine Antoni
“What became fascinating during the process was the resistance or the impossibility of turning my parents into each other. What I was arriving at was a half-mom, half-dad creature, but to create this composite I had to reverse our roles in the sense that my parents made me, and now I was remaking them.” Janine Antoni

janine antoni
I’m not a member of the sizable Janine Antoni cult, one of those who view this MacArthur-winning artist as a kind of aesthetic archangel. I am a fan, however, even if I know her work can be unvisual and overly cerebral. Still, I love Mom and Dad, her gender-bending photographic transformation of her parents…

Treasure Maps
Like treasure maps, we view these images with only a suspicion of the treasure they might lead one to. The selection of works draws from a wide range of images that present visual thinking from outside the field of fine art. Spawned from necessity, the unique qualities of each image are the direct result of the specificity of the problem each addresses and the question with which each is concerned…

Janine Antoni
The cow dips to drink, to nurse at her breast? Antoni’s earring unravels an unperturbed, perhaps mythical picture of womanhood in sharp contrast to the cows whose ear tag, deplores the artist, “both names and reveals its identity as a biological machine.”

Janine Antoni
Janine Antoni has played a prolific role in performance and installation art since the 1990s. Using her body as the primary tool for making her work, Antoni has drawn with her eyelashes, painted with her hair, and sculpted blocks of lard and chocolate with her teeth. She has completed sculptural works—such as self portraits carved in soap—by bathing with them. ..

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